An All New Dashboard for HubSpot Partners

HubSpot partner? We've redesigned your partner dashboard to give you clearer look at the status of your accounts, and your progress toward the next step in your journey as a partner. The new dashboard is now available in any portal with the partner navigation.

The new version of the Partner Dashboard includes a number of improvements, including -

  • Better insight into tier status & progress to the next tier - The new Partner Dashboard features a new, more visual way to see your current tier and progress to the next tier.
  • Increased visibility for useful metrics - The new dashboard also gives you better visibility into metrics like app usage and certification status.
  • Better ways to sort & filter through their list of portals - We've made it easier for partners with a large number of portals under their management to find what they are looking for.partner-status-002.png
  • Deeper insight into why a portal isn’t managed - Clicking the info icon next to any portals’ management status gives deeper context about why a specific portal isn’t managed.

The new partner dashboard is now available to all HubSpot partners. Check it out in your portal today.

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