Append Values to Multi-Checkbox Properties with Workflows

With Workflows, you can update property values for many records at once, rather than making one-off changes --- saving you precious moments in your day. Not quite sure what we're talking about? Take a glance through this help document, then come right back.

In many situations, the value of a property needs to be updated, rather than overwritten. Now, appending values to multi-checkbox properties is easy to do in HubSpot.

How it Works

Navigate to Workflows, and add an action for "Set a Contact Property Value." Choose a value. If you choose a multiple checkbox property, you'll have a new toggle: "Append to current value(s)" or "Replace current value." The same functionality exists when setting a company property.

In addition, you can now set multiple values in a multi-checkbox property in Workflows. Previously, you could only set a single value.

Sample Use Cases

How might you go about using the new feature? Here are a couple sample use cases:

  • Products Purchased. Your customers can buy multiple items from you over time --- you may want to store these items in a single multi-checkbox HubSpot property. With a Workflow, you could update that property in an automated way --- when you do, you'll want those newly purchased items to be appended to what's already in the field, rather than overwriting the previously stored values.

  • Content Downloaded. Create a field to store the names of the content pieces a contact has accessed over time. Update it with each subsequent download, without overwriting what was there before.


The ability to "append" is now live in all Professional and Enterprise HubSpot Marketing portals. 

Want to explore the new option? Head over to your Workflows now.

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