August 2020 HubSpot Updates in Less Time Than a Coffee Break

All of us on the product marketing team at HubSpot know that these are challenging times. We hope that we can give you a little bit of comfort by delivering our regular monthly product update to you from the safe, physical distance of our own homes. Welcome to our latest fully remote Product Spotlight video.

As per usual, we’ll walk you through everything that’s new across the HubSpot product. 

Want to Skip Ahead?

Here are the timestamps for each of the individual updates -- so it’s easier for you to watch only the updates that are relevant to you.

0:19 - Multi-language blog Authors and Tags

0:58 - Free Landing Pages

1:39 - User Deletion Improvement

2:39 - Facebook & LinkedIn Website Traffic Campaigns

3:40 - Multi-Auth for Ad Account Connections

3:58 - Preview Social Posts

4:25 - Task Daily Digest

5:07 - Time Between Calculated Properties

5:39 - Keep Your HubSpot Data Clean

6:35 - Logged-in Visitor Identification

7:15 - Zoom App Updates

8:31 - HubSpot Email Campaigns in WordPress Plugin

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Product Spotlight Video Goes Global

The Product Spotlight Video is now available in Spanish, French, and German.


Watch in Spanish



Watch in French


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Watch in German

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