Automatically Optimize Videos Hosted on HubSpot

When it comes to your inbound marketing, connecting with people, and not just talking to them is crucial. Lately, this connection has stemmed from the meteoric rise of video across social and the broader web. But creating compelling and engaging videos that resonate with your audience require a unique set of tools, skills -- and often end up with anunwieldy file that is really large and ultimately slows down your website.

With today's update, HubSpot will automatically optimize videos using transcoding to reduce their file size and limit the streaming rate to 2.5Mb (that's megabits) per second. All your beautiful videos will now load quickly for visitors -- allowing you to connect with them, regardless of the device they're on.

If you have any large videos within your HubSpot account that are on your site -- sit back, and your site should become faster shortly. The video transcoding will automatically be done in the background by HubSpot, and no work is required.

To make this easier, we've added some information to File Manager to help you see the file size and streaming rate of videos. If you have a video that exceeds the streaming limit -- you'll also see a link to download the original file.


If you'd like to stream videos at more than 2.5Mb/second, we recommend looking into a video hosting provider such as Wistia, or Vidyard.

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