[Coming January 15] Changes coming to Events Reporting

With the Events tool in HubSpot, you can track actions taken by visitors to your website, and trigger lists and automation off those actions. To better align this tool with the rest of HubSpot, your events tool will be undergoing some updates beginning on January 15th. In this article, we'll walk you through everything you need to know about the changes.

What's changing in events?

Events is going to be completely revamped in the new year. In the coming months, you'll see that events will be getting a fresh new look, and you'll soon be able to add your events reports to any dashboard in HubSpot. This is all being done to better align events reports with the rest of reporting in HubSpot.

As part of this change, five reports --- Assists, Last Touch Sources, First Touch Sources, Contacts Created, and Customers Created --- will be removed from the tool as of January 15th. We've done a lot of research on these three reports over the last few months, and you've provided us with a slew of valuable feedback. When it comes down to it, these reports are very rarely used by HubSpot customers, and your feedback on their value is mixed. 

While this doesn't take away from the fact that a small group of customers finds these reports useful, it gives you some perspective into how tough decisions like this are made. When faced with choosing priorities across a multi-tool, ever-growing platform, we lean on this usage data and customer feedback to ensure that our decisions align with the tools that you, our customers, use and value most. 

Removing these reports streamlines the reporting in events, and makes room for continued improvements in the coming months.


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