HubSpot Connect is now the HubSpot App Partner Program

Four years ago, HubSpot launched the Connect Program. It consisted of just a small group of technology partners that integrated their solutions with our platform for the benefit of our mutual customers.  Since then, the program has grown to over 300 partners, and today, it gets a brand new name. Moving forward, the HubSpot Connect Program will be known as the HubSpot App Partner Program, and our connect partners will be known as app partners.  This new name is clearer, more consistent with other HubSpot partner program names (e.g Agency Partner, Startup Partner, Education Partners, etc.),  and is more familiar to everyone involved; the word “app” is universal for our partners, developers and users. The new program name comes alongside the brand new App Marketplace, which makes it easier to find and install the apps our partners create. You can read more about the new App Marketplace launch here on HubSpot's Company News Blog.

App Partner August 2019 V3 (1) (1)

What this means for you

This name change purely aesthetic, so it won't mean any difference in how you work with HubSpot or our apps - other than the fact you should refer to them as app partners from now on!  You will still have access to the same set of apps you always have, and they’ll live in the fresh new App Marketplace.

Eager to explore the new and improved App Marketplace? You can check it out here.

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