[HubSpot Connect] JustUno Integration

What’s this integration partner do?

Justuno is website conversion rate optimization software. Their solution helps convert website traffic into leads via email popups, banners, promotions, exit offers, and other tactics.

What does this integration enable?
Contacts captured by JustUno are sent into HubSpot and you can connect HubSpot lists, workflows, and forms with JustUno’s lead capture devices.


How might Marketers use this integration?
The vast majority of visitors to your site are anonymous and don’t leave any contact information for you. JustUno has a powerful set of lead capture devices that can help you convert more of that traffic. With the connection to HubSpot and targeted usage you can use their solution to increase conversion rates.


Who gets it:
The integration is free for HubSpot customers who also have JustUno. Interested HubSpot customers should ask a JustUno sales representative about current a Hubspot sale special.

How-to integrate:
Click here to connect HubSpot and JustUnoSupport:

This integration is built and supported by JustUno. Customers can reach out to them for support.

Support: Yunoell Arellano, Support Manager, Yuno@justuno.com
Sales: Mat Bingham, Director of Partnerships, Mat@justuno.com, (415-294-1772)

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

Integration page:

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