New CRM Notifications & Improved Settings

user-notifications.pngTwo improvements have been rolled out to notifications in HubSpot CRM - assigment notifications, and a new settings screen that gives you more granular control over which notifications you receive and when.

  • A new type of notification, Assignment notifications, are now available. Assignment notifications allow you to receive an email when a contact, company, deal or task is assigned to you by another user.
  • Notification settings allow you to easily turn different types of notifications on or off - assignment notifications, task reminder notifications, and @mention notifications - all from one place.

Notifications allow users to get email updates from the CRM whenever they are assigned new leads, a team member sends them and update, or when a task is due. This helps them respond quickly to their customers. Notification Settings puts control in the hands of every user over what types of notifications they receive. Assignment notifications give users a critical heads up when new records are assigned to them.


Notification settings can be found under Settings > Notifications in HubSpot CRM. Assignment notifications can be turned on or off from the notification settings screen.

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