A Tour of the New CRM Settings Screen

crm-settingsIn an effort to make finding and editing the many settings in HubSpot CRM easier, we're introducing an all new CRM settings page that you can reach right from the top navigation in HubSpot CRM. Here, we'll take a quick walk through the new settings page to get a feel for just what you can do.

Contacts Settings

On the Contacts tab, you'll be able to control all things related to how individual people are represented in HubSpot CRM. Right now, you'll see two important settings - 

  • Manage properties allows you to see, add, edit, and delete properties from your contacts table in HubSpot CRM. Have some new piece of data you want to store on each contact, like their birthday or favorite dog breed? Just create a custom property. Once you have a custom property created, you'll be able to filter and add columns to your views, or review it on any contacts' individual record.
  • Contact & company owner sync allows you to control how HubSpot CRM handles ownership of a company and all its related contacts when you set the owner of one record in the system.

Companies Settings

On the Companies tab, you'll be able to manage important settings related to how HubSpot CRM handles companies.

  • Lifecycle stage sync - If a company becomes a customer when an opportunity is marked as closed won, do you want all the associated contacts marked as customers too? Lifecycle stage sync gives you control over how HubSpot CRM syncs stage changes between associated records.
  • Automatically create and associate companies with contacts - This is one of the biggest "behind the scenes" timesaving features of HubSpot CRM. Rather than leaving it up to you to manage the association between contacts & companies, HubSpot CRM can manage these associations in the background based off a contacts' email domain. With this setting turned on, when you add a new contact, HubSpot CRM will automatically create and associate a company record if one doesn't already exist. When new contacts are added who are a part of that company, HubSpot CRM takes care of connecting the dots.

Deals Settings

On the Deals tab, there are a few useful settings for folks who want to customize their sales process to fit the needs of their team -

  • Deal stages - Out of the box, HubSpot CRM comes set up with a standard set of deal stages that fit the needs of most companies. If you've identified a different set of stages that your deals typically move through, you can easily change the names of stages, number of stages, order of stages, and the probability to close of each stage. (Probability to close is used to calculate many of the values you see on the dashboard in HubSpot CRM.)
  • Currency - Prefer to see deal values in a different currency in HubSpot CRM? It's easy to update here.


Configuration is home to a number of important details that will help you get up and running in HubSpot CRM -

  • BCC Address - Your BCC email address in HubSpot CRM can be used to "copy" the CRM on any communications you send from your inbox, regardless of what email tool you use. When you BCC an email to HubSpot CRM, we'll automatically add it to the associated contacts' timeline, or create a new record for the contact (and their company) if one doesn't already exist. Your BCC address can save you a ton of time when used with Sidekick - just check a checkbox when composing a message, and it's automatically logged without you even logging into HubSpot CRM.
  • Forwarding Address - Received an email from a contact you want to log in the CRM? On the CRM configuration screen, you'll find your CRM Forwarding address. Forwarding messages to this address will log them in the CRM on the appropriate contacts' timeline.

The new CRM settings screen is now available to all HubSpot CRM users. Check it out by logging into HubSpot CRM and clicking "Settings" in your navigation. If you aren't using HubSpot CRM yet, it's free, and you can get started here in 60 seconds.

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