Speed Improvements to the HubSpot CMS

HubSpot now automatically combines all CSS files on HubSpot CMS hosted pages into a single combined and minified file at the time a page loads.

Why it matters:

Speed is crucial to your search ranking, and user experience. In July 2018, Google will start to consider speed as a ranking factor for mobile search results and slow sites may not display as prominently.

Even after a visitor lands on your website, 53% of mobile viewers will abandon a site that takes longer than three seconds to load. A fast site is a good user experience, and a good user experience leads to higher conversions.

How much faster?

We tested 1,000 pages hosted on the HubSpot CMS using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tools and saw average page speed improvements of 210 milliseconds. Some customers have seen up to a 5 second improvement in page load times.

We recommend you take a look at Website Grader, or Pingdom to get a sense of your updated site speed.

How it works:

  1. Combining CSS happens automatically, there is no manual work required from the customer. We’ve already run this process for all customers hosting content with HubSpot.
  2. Pages that include inline CSS will not be combined at this time.
  3. We visually verify that pages look the same before and after combining CSS.

Combined CSS is available to all customers hosting content on HubSpot’s CMS.

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