Ask Custom Questions When Your Prospects Book a Meeting

unnamed-1-12.pngMeetings, a feature of HubSpot Sales, takes the hassle out of keeping your calendar full of appointments by letting prospects book you without the usual email back and forth. And now, it's possible to ask any kind of custom questions on your booking screen.


This update makes it easy to surface any question you have set up as a contact property on the booking screen alongside name & email address. A great example - you might want to ask what the topic of the meeting should be, or what phone number to reach your prospect at.



Meetings is a feature of HubSpot Sales that works with Google Calendar. If you are already using HubSpot Sales, you can log in and try it now - Just look for "Meetings" in your navigation. If you aren't yet using HubSpot Sales, you can learn more here. We've also got a detailed primer on setting up a meetings link.

To set up a meetings link & booking screen that asks specific questions, navigate to Meetings, and add a new meeting link. You'll be able to set the duration of the meeting, and add any of your contact properties / form fields to the booking screen.
You can then share the meetings link for your new booking screen with prospects. When they attempt to book, they'll see the question alongside the existing name & email address field. When they book, the details are also added to their contact record in HubSpot.

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