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What’s this integration partner do?
Datanyze is sales intelligence software that shows users information about prospects, and what software and tools people or businesses use. For example, Datanyze can tell you if a person or business is a HubSpot user, the annual revenue of a company, how much funding they have taken, and more. Their system is able to determine most software a business uses and can alerts users to changes in usage. This helps sales know when to call a prospect and how to best start conversations.

Datanyze-HubSpot Integration Video 

datanyze.pngHow does Datanyze integrate with HubSpot?
Once connected Datanyze will enrich your contact database with their data once a week. During the sync Datanyze will update HubSpot with any of the fields you’ve synced from their software. This data can be used in workflows and to alert sales of changes in software prospects are using.


Who gets it:
HubSpot customers who are also using Datanyze. 

This integration is built and supported by Datanyze. Customers can reach out to them for support.

  • Rossi Khoung, Head of Customer Success, rossi@datanyze.com, 510-502-0625


  • Ilya Semin, CEO, ilya@datanyze.com, 650-393-5177

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

How might marketing and sales teams use this?
With updates from Datanyze, Sales teams will have insight into when a lead adds or drops a competitive piece of software, get’s funding, changes locations, and more. This lets reps contact prospects during optimal times; when prospects are looking to fill a need. Marketing Teams also benefit from Datanyze, which has reporting on what technology top customers are utilizing. Workflows and account based marketing can be informed with data from Datanyze, helping personalize campaigns.

How-to integrate:
New users who have HubSpot can get started with Datanyze here.

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