A/B Testing & Other New Features Within the Drag-and-Drop Email Editor

The new drag-and-drop email editor makes creating a marketing email simple and intuitive. Simply drag any elements of your email into place, add your content, and press send. The new editor was rolled out with the launch of Marketing Hub Starter, but hasn’t included a number of the Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise features available within the classic editor. These updates bring the features within the drag-and-drop editor further into sync with the classic email editor, supporting more


The following updates are available to all users of the drag-and-drop email editor.

Additional templates

The drag-and-drop email editor now comes packed with 11 new templates showcasing some advanced functionality, including template defaults, section backgrounds, and full-width sections.


New combined recipients and send screen

On top of the new templates we have some updates to simplify the creation flow for an email, by combining the Recipients and Send/Schedule tools into one screen where you can manage both together.


The following updates are available to Professional and Enterprise users of the drag-and-drop email editor.

Introduction of Time Zone Send

Time Zone Send (send based on recipients time zone) is now available within the drag-and-drop email editor. Take advantage of the same functionality that’s available inside the Classic editor, when building your drag-and-drop emails.


Quickly Convert to an Automated Email or Back

With the streamlined editing flow, we’ve introduced a new “Actions” menu which enables you to convert a regular batch marketing email into an automated email or an automated email into a batch marketing email from any screen inside the email editor.


Note: Users will need access to both the workflows, and the email tool in order to create automated emails.

A/B Testing

Now available for all Professional and Enterprise users in the drag-and-drop email editor, create A/B test of your new emails, the same way you can for your Classic emails. Head to the Settings page of any drag-and-drop email and enable the A/B test switch at the bottom of the page to begin building your different versions, and setting up your testing parameters.



All these features are now live within the new drag and drop email editor. Don't have the new editor in your account yet? Reach out to your HubSpot point of contact to request access! 

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