Easily Manage and Analyze Content [Landing Page and Website Dashboard]

As marketers we need an easy way of organizing and creating pages, and separately, a way to find out how those pages are performing. Today we're happy to introduce the beta of new dashboards for Landing Pages and Website. Both dashboards have brand-new 'Manage' and 'Analyze' sections for quicly creating, organizing and manaing your content and separately measuring your content.

Because each dashboard is slightly different, let's cover them individually.


The website dashboard displays your site structure (aka, site tree) and allows you to easily dive-in to individual pages or create new pages in one-click. On the analyze side of the dashboard you will see the growth in website traffic over time and you can dig-deeper into individual pages to see exactly what is driving traffic to individual site pages.

HubSpot Website Add-on Dashboard(Website Dashboard - Manage)

HubSpot Website Add-on Dashboard Metrics(Website Dashboard - Analyze)

This new website dashoard helps you streamline your work and easily find the information your looking for. 

Note: the Website dashboard is available to HubSpot customers with the Website add-on. Try out the Website add-on free for 14-days.

Landing Pages

The Landing Page dashboard now allows you to sort pages into folders or easily see a list of all the pages you've created. 

Manage Landing Pages within HubSpot(Landing Pages Dashboard - Manage)

Measure your Landing Page performance in HubSpot(Landing Pages Dashboard - Analyze)

Try out the new dashboards today by logging in to your HubSpot account and enabling the beta in the lower right-hand side of your screen. For more information, head over to the Academy Blog to read the Definitive Guide to HubSpot's new Content Dashboards.

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