Make Meetings Work For You: New Options for Branding and Embedding Meetings


Meetings already helps you save time, and the latest update adds even more efficiency to your day by making Meetings do the work for you.

Now, it’s easy to embed Meetings on your site. With embedded Meetings, you can flatten your funnel and make your sales cycle even shorter.Think of the embedded Meetings widget as a new kind of form—but instead of simply capturing a lead, you’re able to get the commitment of a meeting on the books.



And with new options for branding and customization, you can ensure that the look and feel of the Meetings widget matches the look and feel of your brand.

Ready to give it a try?

The ability to customize the look and feel of Meetings and embed the Meetings widget on your site is live to all HubSpot Sales Pro users.

To update the look and feel of Meetings, navigate to Settings and select branding from the menu on the left. Add your company logo and choose your accent color:


To embed the Meetings widget on your site, hover over the desired Meeting and select Embed. It’s easy to copy and paste the embed code, and you also have the option to email the embed code to your web developer:


Want to learn more about Meetings? Check out this article, or join us for our upcoming webinar, “How to Dramatically Shorten Your Sales Cycle with Meetings”.

And if you’re not using HubSpot Sales Pro yet, get started today.

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