Enroll Contacts Without Email Addresses in Workflows

As marketers, we rely on email addresses to communicate with our database. On the sales side, that's not always the case. For many sales teams, having an email address isn't a make-or-break situation - they frequently work leads by phone, or track prospects who they haven't yet built up a complete record for.

With last week's update, these email-less records can now be imported and stored in HubSpot CRM. With today's release, sales and marketing teams can now collaborate to perform automated actions on all contacts, whether or not they have email addresses.

How it works

Workflow starting conditions are configured in the same way you're used to. With today's change, all contacts --- with or without email addresses --- will be enrolled. If the steps of the workflow include emails, those steps will be skipped for contacts without email addresses, and the following will appear in the "History" tab:


Note: Only HubSpot CRM users are able to import contacts without email addresses. In addition, the Workflows tool is only available in HubSpot Professional and Enterprise accounts.

How might you use it?

You might be thinking: "Sounds great, but how would I actually use this fantastic new feature?" Here are two common use cases to get you started:

  • Make bulk changes to email-less contacts --- for example, update the lifecycle stage of an entire set of those contacts, or their sales rep owner.
  • Email notifications for reps --- alert reps when one of their leads meets a certain set of criteria, whether or not those leads have email addresses.

Want to try it out?

Learn more about importing contacts without email addresses through HubSpot CRM in this help document. Then, when you're ready, get your Workflows up and running here.

Not yet using HubSpot CRM? Get started today by clicking here.

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