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How to connect Facebook Lead Ads to HubSpot

Written by Marcus Andrews | Feb 27, 2017 5:52:40 PM

Facebook Lead Ads easily connect to HubSpot through the Ads Add-On. To import your leads generated from Facebook into HubSpot follow these steps.

  1. HubSpot Customers must have the Ads Add-On. Learn more or start a free trial of the HubSpot ads here.
  2. In the settings of the Ads Add-On, connect the Facebook Ads Accounts you want linked to HubSpot. Click here to go to settings.
  3. That's it! Going forward all your leads generated by Facebook Lead Ads will be imported into HubSpot.

The minute you authorize Facebook in settings,  new leads generated from Facebook Ads and synced with HubSpot. A form event is created inside HubSpot (keep reading) and all the data from your Ad Campaign is added to the contact record. This allows you to create lists and segments of leads based on your Facebook Lead Ad campaigns. You'll only get this functionality from the official HubSpot integration. Third party integrations can't do it. 

If you're using Facebook Lead Ads - it's important to take advantage of this integration. It'll allow you to start nurturing the leads you generate right away and data shows that faster you start nurturing or contact a lead the more likely it will close.

More than just Lead Ads - HubSpot delivers real ROI

Besides lead import, HubSpot Ads will automatically show you the conversions your ads generated. And because the tool ties them back to the ads the came from, you'll see the ROI of all your campaigns and individual ads. We do this with a connection to your CRM we call deals ROI. This connection will give you a level of accuracy for deals that close with a salesperson that isn't available from the actual ad networks. To learn more check out the Ads integration product page or watch this short video.