Four Updates to Contact, Company, and Deal Records

When you’re digging into your contacts, companies, and deals, you need quick and easy access to all the information you have about them. The faster you can find the information you need, the more efficiently and effectively you can follow up with your leads.

With that in mind, today, we're excited to announce four significant improvements to contact, company, and deal records:

  • An improved screen for managing all properties
  • An easier way to view property history
  • The ability to edit activities (emails, notes, meetings, calls) and tasks inline
  • A better way to see which emails have been opened, clicked, and replied to in the timeline.

With today’s change, when viewing vital information about your properties, you now have a luxurious editing experience that takes over the right side of the page. In addition, the timeline improvements make it easier to glean the most important information from a timeline, and make editing less of a hassle.

How it Works

All Properties & Property History

Navigate to any record in HubSpot. Here’s one to get you started. Click “View All Properties.”


On the left side of the screen, you'll see the About section.

  • Customize your properties that appear by default
  • Remove and re-order your properties
  • Set the default properties to appear for all users in your account. You need to be either a Sales Manager or a Sales Admin to change defaults.

On the right side of the screen, you'll see the All Properties section.

  • View and modify all properties
  • See the change history for a property
  • Add properties to the About section
  • Hide blank properties without a value for this Contact
  • Add new Contact properties

Back on the Contact record, click the gear on the “About” card, and click “View Property History” instead. You’ll be brought to the new Property History editor. Nothing earth-shattering here. Just an easier way to see the change history of properties on the record.



Updates to Activity Viewing/Editing on Timeline

  • Activity editing on timeline
    • Simply click any activity or task logged on a contact, company, or deal timeline, and click the “Edit” button that appears underneath. Make any changes you’d like, and click “Save.”


      Pro tip: you can @mention any of your teammates to get them involved in the conversation.

  • Individual email view on timeline
    • Emails now appear in the timeline like this:


      Clicking on "Details" shows all the interactions with that email in the timeline:


      Note: the individual opens and clicks will still appear on the timeline.


These updates are now live in all HubSpot Marketing and Sales portals.

Head over to Contacts to explore these changes now.

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