Get Personalization Recommendations with Smart Content Insights

As marketers we understand the importance of relevance in communicating with prospects and customers. But getting started making those communications more relevant can be hard.

With Smart Content Insights we surface the most important insights and how your contacts are accessing your content. As a result you immediately know who to personalize the page for, and because all of this happens directly in the new inline editor, it fits directly in your existing workflow.

How can I find Smart Content Insights?

There are two ways to find Smart Content Insights:

  1. Hover over the "Make Smart" icon within an Email, Landing Page, Website Page, or Blog post in the new inline editors.
  2. Use the SEO optimization panel and under the new "To-Do" section there will be a section for Smart Content. Hovering over the "i" will display the same insights.

Note: Smart Content Insights will only display for modules that can be made smart.


How does HubSpot come up with these insights, and what's required for them to show up?

Let's first go through the requirements for Smart Content insights to display:

  1. Your contacts database must include at least 10 contacts marked as customers, and other contacts in relevant lifecycle stages.
  2. You must be using the new Inline Editor.

Smart Content insights will look into your contact database and surface information about those contacts visiting the page. The insights show look across your entire contacts database and specifically at the individual page.

Smart Content Insights is available to all HubSpot Professional and Enterprise customers. For more information about Smart Content Insights, checkout the Knowledge Base article.

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