[Heads Up] - Navigation Changes in HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales

As a part of the announcement of HubSpot Sales, we are making a few small changes to the navigation our users will see when accessing HubSpot CRM or HubSpot Sales. Now, you'll see one of two different sets of tools when you login, depending on the tools you use -

Use HubSpot Sales but not HubSpot CRM? Here's what you'll see -

Use HubSpot CRM, with or without HubSpot Sales? Here's what you'll see (note that the features of HubSpot Sales are under the "Sales Tools" dropdown) - 

sales-permit.pngWe've also made it easier for you to control which users on your team have access to which features of HubSpot's sales products. In Settings, clicking to edit an individual users' permissions will now give you the ability to enable or disable CRM features (provided you have HubSpot CRM turned on in your HubSpot portal.) You can see this option on the right.

These changes are now live to all HubSpot CRM & HubSpot Sales users.


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