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HubSpot helps marketers and salespeople create an inbound machine. However, we know there are other tools and technology you use to run your business. Whether you have another software you love or are looking for something new to solve a specific problem, HubSpot Connect is here to help.

The Connect team focuses on building integrations with the best technology partners in the world. Here's what we've been up to. 

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BoostSuite - Grow your audience through co-marketing
SeventhSense - Email send time optimization for HubSpot
App Data Room - Mobile Sales Enablement Solutio
SnapApp - Bring your marketing to life through interactive content


Remarkable content is what makes inbound go round. boostsuite.pngBut it takes time to see results and build an audience. Often the value of any given blog post doesn’t start to have an SEO impact for months. For marketers trying to build an audience from scratch quickly, co-marketing is a great solution. BoostSuite can grant you relevant impressions for content through their co-marketing network, creating automatic audience.

Your content shows up on relevant web sites around the world, and those sites send visitors back to you. Trade content once a month for free, or get unlimited trades for just $19/month.

The BoostSuite integration with HubSpot enables a direct connection between BoostSuite and your HubSpot blog. When you accept a trade request from a partner in BoostSuite, or when your trade request is accepted by a partner, the partner’s article is instantly published to your blog in HubSpot. Get started here.


It’s becoming increasingly harder to capture attention via email but at the same time it’s an extremely successful channel when it works. To combat this marketers need to be smart about what they send and when. Seventh Sense provides a much needed data driven approach to email marketing through advanced technology.

Seventh Sense uses your dormant HubSpot open, click and existing email data to build engagement profiles on every contact you have and in turn empowers you to personalize the delivery time of your campaigns via HubSpot workflows or through your normal email channel. This increases open and click rates, while decreasing unsubscribes.

Seventh Sense is offering complimentary training and onboarding for all HubSpot customers. Get started with Seventh Sense today! 

App Data RoomAppDataRoom-logo.png

App Data Room is a mobile sales enablement solution for sales teams. Sales teams use a custom App Data Room app to easily deliver online or offline presentations and facilitate meetings. The app’s content is controlled by the marketing team and can be updated or adjusted and then deployed in real time to the entire sales force. To win over today’s consumer you need sales and marketing working together. In fact, it’s so important we have a name for it here at HubSpot, Smarketing. App Data Room gets salespeople marketing materials on the fly through custom mobile apps, and shares valuable data with marketing through HubSpot. That can go a long way to turn your sales and marketing team into your Smarketing team.

App Data Room is offering HubSpot customers a free 30-day trial of their tool. HubSpot customers already using their tool can follow these steps to get connected. 


There are more marketers than ever creating remarkable content. This, along with all the other distractions we face today can make it hard for you to cut through the noise and reach prospects. SnapApp takes content marketing to another level by making it easy to create interactive content that you might otherwise need a developer to create.

SnapApp allows marketers to quickly create interactive content: dynamic quizzes, interactive infographics, calculators and more. Their drag-and-drop creation software is built for content marketers looking to create and publish the most engaging content possible. Through our integration all the valuable information prospects share through SnapApp is passed to HubSpot and available for you to help nurture and score leads, segment and more.

This integration is free for SnapApp and HubSpot customers. Learn more about SnapApp pricing here. To connect SnapApp to HubSpot follow these steps.

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