HubSpot Marketing Free for stand alone CRM users

What is it?
Starting today we're bringing HubSpot Marketing Free, to our Free CRM users who don't already have the tools. Since March, 2017 Marketing Free has just been a part of the Free CRM but users who signed up before then have not been provisioned for the tools. Those users don’t see “Marketing” in the switcher in the upper left hand corner of HubSpot. This update adds Marketing to HubSpot CRM for those users.

Users can access their new HubSpot Marketing free tools via the link below.

By clicking here.

Why it matters
Free CRM users will be getting a whole new set of tools. This will include:

  • Marketing Dashboard
  • Lead Flows
  • Collected Forms
  • Kickback emails
  • Lead Ads (NEW rolling out this week)



Who gets it
All active users who registered for the Free CRM before March 2017 and not HubSpot Marketing Free.

What languages is this available in?
All languages

Available in internal portals?
Yes - HSMF will now be a part of all Free CRM portals.

Is there a pricing change?
No - This will not impact your current pricing.

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