[HubSpot Partners] Lead Registration Beta

HubSpot Partners can now easily register a lead directly within the HubSpot platform - reducing, errors, and making you more efficient. 


Within the beta, you can register a lead by:

  • Creating a new contact or navigating to an existing contact

  • Go into the contact record and on the left-hand side a new box will display called “Lead Registration.”

  • All required fields appear by default in this new card and any information previously entered on the contact record will be auto-filled on the card. The ability to click “request registration” will be unavailable until all fields have been filled out.

Once all fields have been completed and you have clicked 'Request Registration' a message will be displayed within the card to show that registration is pending. Once approved, it will display the message below.


Want to get into the beta and try it out? Please reach out to your account manager and request this feature within your portal.

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