A New Way to Access HubSpot Sales from Gmail

One of the things that HubSpot Sales users tell us they like most is how easy it is to access templates, sequences, and documents right from their inboxes. Now, we've made it even better with the new HubSpot Sales Gmail window.


Search, speed, and more room for improvements

The new HubSpot Sales Gmail window is a significant improvement over the older style dropdowns you used to see in Gmail for a few reasons -

  • We've added search functionality and made it even easier to navigate through folders, which are hugely useful for larger teams with dozens or hundreds of assets
  • We've made significant improvements to overall speed
  • The new window style opens up a universe of new possibilities for future improvements.

Give the new Gmail window a try

If you are already using HubSpot Sales with Gmail and have our chrome extension installed, you should already see the new Gmail window. Just visit Gmail, draft a message, and click one of the options to add a template, sequence, or document.

If you aren't yet using HubSpot Sales, you can get started for free, or install the Chrome extension if you already have an account but don't have your inbox connected.

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