[Announcement] Instagram Reminders

What is it?
Today at INBOUND we announced our plans for Instagram Reminders. When live this new features will bring an easy way to create and schedule photos and video to publish on Instagram to HubSpot, it will go into beta over the coming months. It’ll join Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+ as publishing option inside of HubSpot Social tools. It’s part one of a product integration with Instagram. We’ll add reporting at some point in the future.

Request an early invite for this beta. 

Why it matters
In the last few years Instagram has experienced rapid growth, they now have over 700 Million users. This means more of your target audience is spending time there. Instagram knows that businesses want to be part of the conversation on Instagram and have built discovery, building a following, direct messaging, and quality paid solutions into their network, all toos that help marketiners. Many B2B brands are building awareness and converting users into leads via Instagram. Learn more about Instagram marketing.  

How it works
Instagram Reminders is a reminder system. Instagram doesn’t allow direct publishing from a third-party to their network. This applies for all social marketing companies. 

Once live you will be able to schedule posts inside of HubSpot, when it's time to post you'll get a push notification via the HubSpot mobile app. From there just open the app, copy and past the text into Instagram, and publsih.  

2 - Compose 1.png


3 - 1202_Instagram - pasted.png

Who gets it
Once live all HubSpot Marketing Hub customers will be able to use Instagram Reminders in the HubSpot Social tool.

We’ll open a beta for this product towards in the coming months. Go to HubSpot.com/new to learn more. 

What languages is this available in?
All languages

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback! 

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