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Introducing: Out of Office Reply Detection for Sequences

Written by Elise Beck | Jul 1, 2016 2:35:00 PM

A reply to an email that is sent as part of a Sequence will automatically unenroll that contact from the Sequence. But an automated, out-of-office reply isn’t really a sign of engagement the way that an actual reply is. Now, Sequences detects out-of-office replies, ignored them, and keeps those contacts enrolled in the Sequence.

Out-of-office reply detection works by looking at common bits of code that appear in autoresponders across popular email hosting providers to help predict whether or not a response is an automated, out-of-office reply. While this detection will catch most automated responses, it may not catch them all.

We’ll continue to make Out-of-office reply detection even smarter, and if there’s ever an email that we didn’t catch, feel free to forward it to us at

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