Send Later - Use timing to your advantage with Sidekick & Gmail

schedule-002.pngWith email, timing is often the difference between a quick response vs. being lost in the pile. With Send Later from Sidekick, you can write emails when it’s convenient for you, and schedule them to send at exactly the right moment.

  • Get to the top of their inbox. An email you send at 6pm is going to be buried by the time your prospect opens her inbox the following morning. Send Later lets you schedule your messages so they are at the top of the pile when your prospect sits down at her desk.
  • Schedule follow-ups. Need to get back to someone at the end of the week? Send Later is a quick and easy way to schedule a one-off follow-up email. Write your message when the details are fresh in your mind, and Send Later takes care of the rest.
  • Set the right tone. Working late at night? Schedule your email to go out at a time when the rest of your team is online. Send Later works with replies too, giving you control over how quickly you are following up.

Send Later works with Gmail and Google Apps - just click the schedule icon next to your send button. Need to edit or cancel a scheduled message? It’s in your drafts folder, so changing or deleting the message is all it takes.


If you have Sidekick installed, Send Later is already in your inbox. Give it a try today.

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