Lead Flows are now included in all Basic, Pro, and Enterprise accounts

A Lead Flow is a HubSpot conversion tool that helps you turn visitors into leads through simple pop-ups on your website. If you have a Basic, Professional, or Enterprise HubSpot subscription, the Lead Flows tool is now located under the Content menu in your account by default. If you already added Lead Flows through the Add-Ons screen then there won't be any changes to any Lead Flows you've already created or the tool itself. 

We've all seen our fair share of pop-up forms that are annoying and disruptive, so it's no secret that they’ve fallen victim to a bad rap. However, pop-ups are an effective inbound tool for converting visitors into subscribers or leads if they’re done well. For a comprehensive guide to inbound pop-ups (as well as some tips for implementing them), check out this blog post.

Here's how to get started with Lead Flows:


Select the Flow Type

Lead flows can be a slide-in box on the lower left or right, a pop-up overlay, or a dropdown banner that are triggered by scroll, time on page, or exit intent. Consider the type of Lead Flow that will best match your content and select the right format. 

Next, add "call out" text. This is the message that prompts your visitors to click on the pop-up and expand the form. 

Then, add form fields to collect contact information, and include a thank you message that the visitor will see when they're finished.



Choose your Lead Flow triggers:

In the Options step you can choose when and where your Lead Flow will display. For any pages that are hosted by HubSpot, or already have the HubSpot tracking code installed, simply include the URL you want it to display.

Depending on which method best fits your page, Lead Flows can be triggered in a few different ways. Lead Flows can be triggered once the visitor has scrolled 50% down the page, after a certain number of seconds have elapsed, or on exit intent.

After you're done defining these options you can preview your finalized Lead Flow and publish it. If you're a Professional or Enterprise customer Lead Flows can be used as triggers for Workflows.

Check out Lead Flows and add them to your conversion toolset. 

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