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[HubSpot Connect] - LeadsBridge Integration

Written by Marcus Andrews | Feb 27, 2017 4:46:14 PM

What’s this integration partner do?

LeadsBridge is advertising automation software for Facebook Ads. Their software syncs Facebook ads with HubSpot and sends leads generated by Lead Ads from one to the other. They also automate a connection between lists in HubSpot and Facebook Ads.

Learn more or install the LeadsBridge integration here. 

How does LeadsBridge integrate with HubSpot?

LeadsBridge imports leads generated by Facebook Lead Ads into HubSpot. An important solutions for teams using Facebook Lead Ads. LeadsBridge can also sync smart lists from HubSpot with Custom Audience targeting inside of Facebook. This helps customers target specific lists of users with their ads.


How-to integrate:
Full Integration instructions

This integration is built and supported by LeadsBridge. Customers can reach out to them for support.
Support Contact Name: Matt, Simon, July. - +1 628-300-0081
Sales Contact Name: Stefan/Michael - +1 (415) 360-0005

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

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