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In July, we brought the multi-language functionality of our website and landing pages tool to the blog, so you could better manage your content across all the languages that you're active in. To provide your customers with a complete in-language experience, we rolled out multi-language blog author profiles, and today, we're rolling out multi-language blog tags.

In the past, if you had a blog post in multiple languages and you wanted to create language variants of your blog tags, you'd have to create them as a completely separate tag. These tags were not grouped together, making managing all your blog tags difficult.

Now, tags can be created in your blog's primary language with language variants grouped with that primary tag. When a language variant of a blog post is created, the corresponding language variant of its tags will be used where it's available.

To get started, navigate the blog tool and select 'Tags.' Hover over a tag to click on More > Create a multi-language variation.



If you are editing a blog post and want to use a tag which doesn't yet have the right language variant, you'll see the option to add a translation.


Keep in mind that at this time, no automatic, machine translations are provided in-app.

This update is now available for all CMS Hub customers, as well as Marketing Hub Professional & Enterprise customers.

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