Create content in any language you do business in with multi-language knowledge base

The knowledge base can now be used by teams that do business in multiple languages. With multi-language knowledge base articles, your customers can more easily get the help they need in the languages your company supports.

Before this update, the knowledge base could only handle articles in one language. Now the knowledge base tool supports 25 languages through a multi-language feature that includes a language switcher and 'hreflang alternate' tags for multi-language articles, ensuring search engines are able to recognize each of your language variants.

How does it work?

Add the languages that you want to use in your knowledge base in your knowledge base settings (Settings >> Service >> Knowledge Base). Languages selected will then appear as options for any Knowledge Base article.

image (15)-3

Then translate your knowledge base template by navigating to Services >> Knowledge Base >> Customize template.  The edit option will be on the content tab on the left.

Note: HubSpot does not auto-translate your content.

For full instructions, feel free to review this knowledge article.

This is now available for all Service Hub Professional & Enterprise users.


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