Heads Up: Navigation Changes Coming for Partner Portals on 7/13

In order to streamline access to the template marketplace, and partner profile within Hubspot we are making some minor navigation changes to partner portals. These changes will display in only partner portals beginning on July 13. Let's dive-in to the updates.

Navigation within Partner portals today

  1. The 'Templates' and 'Transactions' links within the navigation today both direct you to the HubSpot Marketplace, and any templates or transactions you have from products listed. We are going to consolidate these into a new 'Marketplace' tab.
  2. Within 'Profile' on the navigation you can currently access your partner profile, and marketplace profile. The marketplace profile link is being moved to the new 'Marketplace' drop-down so everything you need to access for the Marketplace is available in one-place. As a result there will be no 'Profile' drop-down anymore and the partner profile link will move to the top navigation.

Navigation within Partner Portals as of 7/13

If you also submit templates to the HubSpot Marketplace, you will notice one navigation change on 7/13. Under the Marketplace one new link will display: Manage Listings. The Manage Listings link will take you to the new submission process for the marketplace. As a reminder, this new marketplace will not be available for customers until early Fall. 

New navigation within Marketplace provider portals on 7/13.


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