New HubSpot Account & Billing screens

home-1-1.pngWe’ve built a new Account & Billing experience from the ground up to give you easier access to new and useful details on the state of your HubSpot account.

Some of the improvements you’ll notice on the new screens:

  • All of your products, in one place. The Account Summary screen includes all of your marketing products, sales products, and add-on products detailed in one place. You’ll also see details on the status of any associated limits (e.g., the number of contacts used, the number of emails sent, the number of seats used.)

  • A new Transaction History section shows a rundown of the basic details on recent transactions, and allows you to download associated invoices with one click.

  • Payment methods shows all of the associated payment methods you have in use, and makes it easy for you to edit or change a payment method should a payment fail to process or expire.

  • The HubSpot Team section shows who the billing contact at your company is listed as (Note - only applies to HubSpot Marketing.)

where2find-1.pngThe new Account & Billing experience is now available to all HubSpot customers (and will be coming soon to Leadin users). You can find it by visiting Settings (the person or face icon in the upper right corner of HubSpot) > Account & Billing, or by clicking here.

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