Easily Find Your Top Converting Blog Posts with the New Blog Dashboard

Blogging is an important first-step in Inbound Marketing and attracting leads to your business. UManaging and undersanding your blog content is an important part of the top of your funnel, but it shouldn't be hard to do so. 
Starting today, we're happy to introduce a brand-new blog dashboard. This dashboard is a continuation of the Easy Initiative that was announced at INBOUND15 and is designed to make the HubSpot marketing platform lighter, faster, and easier to use.

The new Dashboard is split between new 'Manage' and 'Analyze' tabs that allow you to easily sort and find the information you need. With the new dashboard you can:

  • Easily sort posts in customizable time ranges. No need to download, or manually calculate information - just the information you need, right at your fingertips.
  • Top Posts by Conversions: This new report will instantly sort your blog posts by the number of new contacts created so you can see which blog posts are contributing the most leads. Easily create lists based on conversions for targeted nurturing.
  • Report Sorting: Filter, sort, and arrange reports just how you want to see them. For example, die into top posts by click-throughs, add author, and sort by CTA clicks to see which posts are driving the most clicks to your page.


Try out the new blog dashboard today by heading to the Blog app within your HubSpot account and opting-in.

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