New Insights into HubSpot CRM Exports

Data security is vital to a growing sales team. You need full control and visibility into who's doing what in your CRM. With that in mind, last month, we introduced advanced permissions. Now, we give managers and admins the ability to see who's exported what from HubSpot CRM. 

As of today, there's a fresh new design for your Imports & Exports screen in HubSpot CRM. The new interface includes a detailed log of Contact/Company/Deal exports.
How It Works
From the Sales navigation, click Settings > Import & Export.
At the top, you'll see a central access point to import new records.
Underneath, you have an audit of exports from HubSpot CRM over time. Clicking on the Contacts/Companies/Deals tabs displays exports of those record types.
The new Import/Export interface is now live to all HubSpot CRM Portals. Not yet using HubSpot CRM? It's one of Google's "New and Notable" apps this month --- and it's 100% free, forever. Give it a try today.

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