Place Calls Right Inside Gmail or Outlook with Sidekick for Business

Imagine that you've just received a response from an important prospect, and you want to give them a call. Instead of having to switch over to your CRM, search for their record, then dial your phone, it's now one click from the Sidekick sidebar in your inbox.


Calling in Gmail & Outlook allows Sidekick for Business customers to initiate calls right from the Sidekick sidebar in Gmail or Sidekick supported versions of Outlook, without needing to open HubSpot CRM. Gmail users can initiate and run their entire call from the sidebar. Outlook users can initiate a call on their mobile or desk phone from the sidebar.

To initiate a call from Sidekick for Business in Gmail or Outlook, simply open the Sidekick window and click the phone icon. If a phone number is associated with the contact in your CRM, Sidekick will connect you to the contact instantly. If no phone number exists, you'll be prompted to enter one.

For Outlook users, initiating a call will cause their phone to ring. When they pick up, they will then be connected to the prospect.

For Gmail users, during the call, you'll have the ability to toggle recording on and off, and take notes about the discussion. At the end of the call, your notes and the recording will be logged to your connected CRM system automatically.

Calling in Gmail & Outlook is now available to all Sidekick for Business customers. Not yet using Sidekick for Business? You can learn more about Calling and get in touch with our team here.

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