A New Plain Text Email Template

When it comes to email, sometimes the best choice is to lean in the direction of simplicity. While a beautifully designed HMTL email has its place, simple, hyper-personal plain text emails have recently taken off in popularity.

Why? For one simple reason - they work really well. In fact, a recent HubSpot test found that a plain text email saw 51% more clicks than a similar image & HTML rich variation.

But there’s a downside to going pure plain text - it usually means a trade-off between improved metrics, and the ability to actually see any metrics at all, since open & click rates require the use of HTML.

HubSpot’s “plain email” template fits in the sweet spot in between. It’s formatted like a plain text email, is built with a minimal amount of HTML, but still has the underlying code needed to track opens & clicks.

The new template is now available to all HubSpot customers. Want to give it a try? Visit HubSpot Email, and look for the new "plain email" template.


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