[HubSpot Projects] - Associate Blog Posts, Pages and Emails with Project Tasks

What is it?

You can now associate HubSpot assets like landing pages and blogs posts with tasks inside of a Project.  

Try it out inside of HubSpot Projects 

When you open the sidebar associated with a task, you'll see a new option when you click on the attach button. When you start typing in the name of an asset, associated pages, emails, landing pages and more will populate. Once associated with a task, clicking on the name of the asset will take you to that specific draft in HubSpot. 

Screen Shot 2016-10-27 at 11.45.06 AM.png

Projects = Planning/Management
Campaigns = Reporting

This update gives marketers a way to plan campaigns by laying out all the different assets in draft form, with instructions.  Projects is the right tool for campaign planning but we still reccomend you tag assets with Campaigns for reporting via the Campaigns tool. 

How-to get started:

This update is live inside of your HubSpot portal. HubSpot Projects is availble for all customers with the marketing tools. 


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