[Now Live] Recommended Post Listing Module in the Marketplace

The latest module to be added to the Marketplace is blog topic listing module. By using data, this module shows visitors to your blog the posts that'll be most relevant and interesting to them.

Why does it matter?
Inbound is all about being helpful to your buyers at every step of their journey. To be the most helpful, you need to serve them the right content for them. Something that’s relevant, timely, and new.

The new recommended posts module uses data to determine which blog content will be most relevant to each specific visitor, and displays only those posts to them. Think: the most popular post they haven’t seen, or a post about a topic they’re interested in, or one by an author that they’ve frequented.

The result: a much better experience for your website visitors, with no extra work for you. Plus, as an added bonus, the new module won’t just surface your brand new posts; it’ll recommend the post that’s most relevant, even if it’s from the past. That means a longer lifespan for your content, and more sustainable traffic growth over time. Long story short, with the new module, everybody wins.

This module builds upon the previous work done within the older “Post Listings” module and brings the technology to the new module framework, and new Design Tools infrastructure.

How does it work?
Navigating to the modules section of the marketplace, Marketing Hub Professional and Enterprise customers will see the option to download the Recommended Post Listings module to their portal.


Once added to a blog template, customers will have the ability to pick the title of the module, the blog they’d like the module to use for recommendations, and the maximum number of posts to recommend.


Who gets it?
The recommended post listing module is available to any Marketing Hub Professional, or Enterprise users who are in the beta of the new design manager. If you would like to use the new recommended post listing module, you can request access to the design manager beta here.

What language is it available in?
Currently, HubSpot’s modules are only available in English. The rendered module will respect any localization rules set, but labels and help text for the module will only appear in English. The team is actively working on localizing all modules, and soon they will be available in all languages supported by HubSpot.

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