Redesigned Email Post-Send Screen

The post-send details screen of the email tool has been redesigned to put the most important metrics for email marketers right at their fingertips.

Why is it important?
While in beta, we discovered that email marketers using the new post-send screen were able to successfully report on their emails with half the clicks compared to those using the old version. This is great news, because it shows that:

  • It’s easier to find actionable data. Fewer clicks, fewer tabs, fewer headaches -- without losing any information.
  • It aligns the post-send analytics screen with the rest of HubSpot’s reports. The new design is consistent with the rest of HubSpot's tools, making it quicker and easier to use and learn.

How does it work?
The old post-send page looked like this:


The old “Performance” page had several navigation tabs that contained charts for each section (e.g. sent, delivered). This hid some of the most important information, made it hard to scan through overall results, and resulted in redundant information across tabs.

The new post-send page looks like this:


The new “Performance” page is easier to navigate and draw conclusions from. Charts that were spread out across 6 different tabs are now consolidated into one easy-to-read page. This puts the focus on exactly what matters without sacrificing any information.

The new “Recipients” tab still has the same filters as the old version, but the filters have moved from across the top of the chart, to the left hand side of the screen.


Who gets it?
The new post send details screen is now available to all users of HubSpot's email tool.

What language is it in?
All languages supported by HubSpot

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