Report More Accurately on your Contacts by Editing their Original Source Property

A contact’s original source type gives you insight into how a contact first interacted with your website. They could have first come into contact with you through paid search or social, organic search, direct traffic, and a number of other sources. One of these “other” sources is offline sources. One of the most common reasons why a contact would get tagged as originating from offline sources is if they were imported into HubSpot.

That’s fine if you’re importing a list of people you met at a trade show, but what if you’re switching from a different CRM to the HubSpot CRM, and you need to import your entire contact database? Or, what if you accidentally set an inaccurate UTM parameter within a tracking URL, and contacts that clicked on that link were incorrectly tagged. The original source property has always been a “read only” property within HubSpot, and without the ability to edit this property, situations like these meant your reporting was not 100% accurate within HubSpot.

With this in mind, we're making the original source property editable. By letting you edit this property to a correct source type, you'll now have more control over your data, and more accurate reporting within HubSpot.

How does it work?

When looking up properties on a contact record, you’ll now be able to edit the original source property as you see fit. You can also do this in bulk from the contacts dashboard, or through a workflow.


In addition, you can also import contacts and include original source information, updating new contacts in bulk as you add them to the HubSpot CRM.


Note: At this time, this does not extend to the original source drill down properties. However, if you do update the original source of a contact, it will clear the original source drill down properties from their original values.

This is now available to all users of the HubSpot CRM that have permissions to edit contact properties.

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