Save Email Templates Directly from Gmail

Creating content is hard work. When it comes to drafting new email templates, we often forget that our inbox is ripe with inspiration. The latest update to HubSpot Sales helps you tap into that inspiration by giving you the ability to save any email as a reusable, reportable Template directly from your Gmail inbox.

How does it work?

After you’ve setup the HubSpot Sales extension, simply refresh your browser. You’ll notice an orange plus sign appear at the top of your emails:

save-as-template-in-gmail.pngClick to open the Save as Template modal window. From here, you’ll be able to edit the template, add personalization tokens, or insert a Meetings link. You’ll also be able to give your template a name, share it with your team, or add it to a Templates folder in HubSpot Sales.


Once your Template has been saved, you can easily use it, reuse it, add it to a Sequence, share it with your team, and collect valuable insight into how well it's working. 

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