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Save Your Lead Flows with Drafts

Written by Jeffrey Vocell | Aug 24, 2017 7:26:10 PM

Have you ever written something, then come back a few hours later and it's magically dissappeared? 

If you're experience is anything like mine, it's likely happened a bunch of times. Putting in a lot of time and effort to create a form, or piece of content then losing it can be frustrating. Starting today, you can save a Lead Flow as a draft and finish it whenever you're ready.

Let's walkthrough this new experience that's now available to all HubSpot Marketing users from Free, all the way through Enterprise.

First, when creating a new Lead Flow, you'll be notified when a change is made but hasn't been saved:

If you edit an existing Lead Flow, but have not saved changes, it's a slightly different message shown below:

Lastly, if you make changes to a Lead Flow and start to navigate away to a different app, you will see a modal that allows you to save your progress before leaving.

As of right now this function does not auto-save progress, and you will need to manually click the 'Save' button shown in the screenshots above.