Schedule Email Dashboards For Your Team [Reporting Add-On]

Many teams rely on scheduled reporting emails to keep everyone in the loop on sales & marketing performance. Email Dashboards, a new feature of the HubSpot Reporting Add-On, allows you to schedule an email digest of any dashboard that will get sent to your team on a regular basis.


How it works

email-dashboard-002-1.pngTo set up an email report, navigate to any dashboard and click the "Email" dropdown at the top right of the dashboard. Select "Send", and fill in the options. You'll have the ability to control who receives the email report, the frequency (daily, weekly, or monthly) and the day/time.

The email itself is clean and simple, with a visual of every report on the dashboard, along with a link to click through to the underlying dashboard in HubSpot. To stop receiving a dashboard you have scheduled, visit the management view.

Want to schedule an email dashboard?

Scheduled Email Dashboards are now available to all HubSpot Reporting Add-On users... simply visit the Reporting Add-On and click the "Email" link in the upper right corner. Not using the Reporting Add-On yet? Start a trial or request more information right inside your HubSpot portal.

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