Send Better Email with HubSpot: Improved Verification & Review Process

Personalization in email is really important. But sending an email with a broken personalization token, or forgetting to set default values (resulting in blanks in your emails) can and has happened to the best of us. Sending links or images with broken URLs is also super embarrassing.

With the updated Email Review tab, you can ensure that every email being sent has correct personaliation tokens and has working links.

What's new in the Review tab?

  1. Personalization Tokens: HubSpot will automatically check your personalization tokens, and notify you if there’s an error. You also have the chance to review the default fallback values for a personalization token and assign one directly from the review tab.
  2. Link URLs: HubSpot will pre-fetch URLs to ensure they work properly and notify you if you have a broken URL.
  3. Images: HubSpot will now check images added into your email to ensure they display properly and load.

An example of setting default personalization token values, and checking the validity of personalization tokens:


An example of checking link and image URLs.

Review-Tab-Email-2.png Try out the new enhanced review process in your HubSpot email today.

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