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[Product Update] HubSpot Customer Hub

Written by Marcus Andrews | Nov 1, 2017 3:51:28 PM

At INBOUND this year we announced our plans for the Customer Hub. A new product line focused on the customer experience and delight phase of the inbound methodology. Our goal is to help you, help your customers succeed.

We strongly believe that happy customers aren't a problem to be managed, but potential to be realized. 

Learn more about our plans for the Customer Hub. 

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All successful companies love their customers. You know that when they succeed, you succeed. But keeping customers happy isn’t always simple. 

In the last few years, there has been a big shift in the relationship between businesses and customers. Today your customers are smarter, have more options, and it’s easy for them to switch from one vendor to another.

They have the power, which means they have much higher expectations of your business, product and service. Expectations the current customer service playbook doesn’t meet.

This shift is why we built the Customer Hub. The new product line will give you the tools and methodology you need to communicate with, understand, and delight the modern customer. It also unites the inbound customer journey. Providing, tools, support, and strategy for you across all phases of you customer journey. 

Timeline for Beta: 

We expect to go into a beta in 2018. To learn more go to or signup for notifications here.