[In Beta] Set Custom Properties When Creating a Deal in Workflows

What is it?

The ability to set or copy additional deal properties when creating a deal through Workflows.

Why it matters

Before, you could only set the default deal properties when creating deals in Workflows. Other properties, including required properties, could not be set. This meant that you would have to manually populate information after the deal was created. Now, if you create deals automatically from a form submission, you can copy that information from the form into the deal without that manual step.  


How it works

When you add an action to create a deal through workflows, you will see new options to “Set another deal property” and “Copy contact property to deal property.”


“Set another deal property” allows you to choose any additional deal properties you’d like to set, and then what value you’d like to set them to for all the deals created through the workflow.


“Copy contact property to deal property” allows you to set additional deal properties by copying them from contact properties.  


Who gets it

Currently available to Pro and Enterprise members of the marketing beta program before 11/1/17.


What languages is this available in?

All languages supported by HubSpot

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