Set Featured Images Independent of Images Within a Blog Post

A picture can be worth a thousand words and considering how much time and strategy goes into writing blog titles... the same customization and care should be put into a post’s featured image.

Starting today you can easily add a featured image that does not appear within your blog post, or select an image from the post. Images help drive engagement, so now you can set a featured image to help drive readers to your blog content.

How featured images work:

  1. Login to your HubSpot account and go to Content > Blog
  2. Choose a blog post, and go to the Settings tab
  3. Ensure that Featured Image is turned on
  4. Click on an existing image (which will show an orange box and the text "featured image"), or click the "+" to add an independent image.


When adding a featured image independent of the blog post you can search for existing images within your HubSpot file manager, or upload a new image. 

Try it out today by logging into your HubSpot account.

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