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[HubSpot Connect] - Slemma Integration

Written by Marcus Andrews | Sep 5, 2017 5:51:40 PM

What’s this integration partner do?
Slemma is a reporting tool designed for businesses. It’s flexible software lets front office teams build custom reporting dashboards from a variety of sources.

How does Slemma integrate with HubSpot?
The integration enables users to view and analyze HubSpot data alongside all their other business data – from data warehouses, data storage providers and cloud service solutions – centralized all in one place.

How-to get started:
To get started with this integration, click here.

Who gets it:
Any HubSpot customer also using Slemma.
Slemma is offering a 30% discount to HubSpot users who come through this campaign.

This integration is built and supported by Slemma. Customers can reach out to them for support. 

Matt Mulholland, Product Manager,

Mimi Daigle, Head of Sales,

Date Available to Customers:
Now Live

How might Marketing and Sales teams use this?
Most businesses can stand to benefit from integrating sales and marketing data with other disparate data sources. Slemma offers a simple flexible solution to his challenge. They do a great job of integrating HubSpot data and customizing it for our users who need more complex and customized dashboards.

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