Social Auto-Fill for Forms Being Removed

In August 2015 we released a beta of Social Auto-Fill for forms that allowed you to easily integrate Google+, and Facebook into your forms at the click of a button. The ideas was, with these options available to your visitors they would click a network, sign, and it would pre-fill the form.

Ultimately though, there is limited information these networks can complete within a form and as a result it never became widely used. Based on that, and the reasons below, we have decided to remove Social Auto-Fill from the HubSpot Marketing Platform.

  1. Additional network support. A lot of the feedback we heard from the beta was around support for additional networks. Unfortunately due to Terms of Service (TOS) of some networks, we were limited in the networks that could be added.
  2. Manual form completion was still faster. Based on the information that Google+ and Facebook would pre-fill, completing the form manually was in most cases actually faster.

We are evaluating integrations and other ways of potentially bringing this feature back, but at the time we have removed Social Auto-Fill.

If you have any questions, please let your Customer Success Manager or Inbound Marketing Specialist know.

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